Bow down to Nightwing!

I just want to say I’m so happy of my boy, Nightwing, and pulled for him from the very beginning. But I would like to hear what everyone else’s favorites were.


I think you mean Ric. (Yeah, I went there! I’m a poor loser! Sour grapes! Yum yum!)

Nightwing is my dude!! I bet my friends he would win it all from the beginning!..but I have to be honest. I didn’t think he would win because there were a lot of super crazy beings. He my boy and I’m with my boy 100% of time! I’m so happy because I’ve always felt that he never get enough love, but boy(wonder) was I wrong! Nightwing Fan club commence!

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Nightwing for the win?! As much as I am a Grayson fan… I don’t understand why he took it all. I suspect Russian Collusion…

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