I just finished rewatching The Green Hornet and I cant help but feel that Birds of Prey could have easily been pg-13. I dont think it worked hard enough to earn that hard R rating.

Its overzealous use of F-bombs and crass humor could’ve pushed it to an R pretty easily. It could’ve been a bit more gratuitous with the violence I guess to really push the rating? Venom and Deadpool had R ratings but I don’t remember them being too “extreme” ?

Venom was pg13. But even deadpool didnt overdo it on the gore, it was fairly violent. But if BoP had embraced more of a John Wickian level of violence then I’d probably be more sold. I enjoyed the movie but I couldn’t help but feel that it could have gone further in cartoonish violence and it should have either cut something from the middle or add to the third act. All the gals together was the movies biggest strength hey they dangled it like a golden carrot for 90 minutes

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If BOP had a quarter of the action of John Wick, I would’ve been happy. Sad to see Chad Stahelski involved and the action being so lackluster.

I’m not too gung ho about violence for the sake of having it. Seeing bone breaks every time someone is struck barehanded would make my eyes roll but it would make sense for it to be more gruesome when the girls are using weapons.

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