Booster gold

i think i heard that sometime in the nearish future there would be a booster gold show releasing is that truth because i would love to see that, he doesnt get as much recognition as he deserves. hes super cool. but personally i would absolutely love to see a blue beetle and animal man, i dont know why but animal man was my favorite character in injustice 2 i just found him really interesting.

The only thing I’ve heard about Booster having a leading role in some other media is a Blue Beetle/Booster Gold movie that’s supposedly been in development for a long time, and there’s no way we’re getting that anytime soon, if at all. The most I remember hearing about Booster appearing on a show in recent memory was a bit of talk about bringing him to Legends of Tomorrow, though that also never came to fruition

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yes thats what i remember him coming to legends

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If I remember correctly there was an article stating that Warner and DC would be moving movies that would have had theatrical releases to being HBO MAX exclusive movies and one of the ideal projects was said to be a Booster Gold movie that had been in talks for a while.

so i did hear that the green lantern live action show was going to be on hbo max, i dont want to buy that, do you think it will shift over here lke doom patrol is shifting there??

I would hope so. I do know they are trying to expand the audience by making things available elsewhere like Titans available to buy in the PlayStation store along with being on Netflix in other countries. Also StarGirl airing here as well as the CW. I think it all depends on how big they want the audience to be.