Bombshells Appreciation - Pride Edition

I think this is one of the best comic books DC ever released. Very well written, offering hope, a huge cast of characters, LGBTQ supportive. Do you think we will ever see something similar again? With what feels like the erasure of Harley and Ivy I fear that DC (in the comics division) is distancing themselves from allowing LGBTQ themes. At least in their main line books/big characters.

I’m feeling kinda burned by the barrage of Joker and Joker related stories and I find myself revisiting that era of DC comics that looks so distant now. Conner and Palmiotti Harley Quinn, Bombshells, Batgirl.

I’m happy that Bombshells happened but at the same time I’m sad that it looks liek it’s not gonna happen again.


100% this or something like it will happen again. And Harley and Ivy are inevitable. They have too many fans to ignore forever. At some point, they will officially be a couple in the main books.


Absolutely! Marguerite Bennett is an absolute treasure and a pure goddess! I really really wish DC would get her on something big! And gay.


Bennett had a small Harley story in this weeks Harley Quinn make em laugh. It was good and had Ivy too but you can literally spo the exact moment the editor told her that she should stop at best friends and not mention or imply anything romantic. It almost goes there but the ending has this “I wanted something different but the editor edited it out”


Agree :100: @Mae & @TheTerribleToyman

And @IvyGirlPoisonIvyLeague I hate when I can tell someone’s been censored. Then I have to sit and hear people talk about (Harls & Ivy especially) how it “came out of left field”. Bleh. It’s been there for decades. Open your eyes. :wink:

There’s a lot of great things in this comic, but specifically these two were a big one. They are too legendary to be hidden away forever. Change will come to representation across the board. We just have to keep pushing for it. :facepunch:t3:


No one has been there for Harley for as long, or even comes close to treating her the way she deserves the way that Ivy does. Not Booster Gold and certainly not the Joker.

Only a matter of time…


I just started rereading the Bombshell series from issue one and that series still holds up. All the characters are so well developed and grow beyond their continuity counterparts. The Ivy/Harley relationship is fleshed our very organically and beautifully done. Marguerite Bennett is a writer That should should be getting more work with DC. I know that there’s a relaunch of Harley Coming soon (I think? ) and I’d nominate her as the writer.


Absolutely! She’d kick butts!!!