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Hey folks and welcome to our second June session for the @JSABookClub. This session we will be reading a couple of issues of the Justice Society of America from 2006. This short story is one of revenge, betrayal and spirits. How will team members deal with vengeful spirits? Before we get down to business though we must have the….

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Issues to Read

Discussion Points

  1. Seems Obsidian has been acting oddly. Of you found yourself in the same situation as Alan and the others would you have trusted him here or would you have questioned his actions?

  2. What did you think of Kung’s plan?

Also interesting fact: The ghost that mentioned that his body was vaporized and that the shadow of it was etched on the stairs is referencing an actual Blast Shadow that is said to have been left behind on the steps of the Hiroshima Branch of the Sumitomo Bank.

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Why is The Infinity Inc opening missing Skyman and Brainwave?

For people who fight so much Atom Smasher and Mr. Bones sure do a lot of social activities together.

How does he know it is from Stargirl? Is she the only one who texts him. Actually that makes sense.

Ordway writes Stargirl much more meek and cautious than Johns does. If Johns was still writing Star would have just walked in, Grabbed Al, pulled him out, and then probably brought it up that he needs to hurry since she is underage.

In Black Vengeance Stargirl was able to fly while carrying Atom Smasher in full size so why need Cyclone there especially if it could make him hurl. Wouldn’t it be better for the story to only have the two love birds there?

I know it is foreshadowing the part where Al is told Star is underaged for him to court, but there are too many plotholes with that piece for it to work.

I think the mystery is set up well, but the comedy is bad and gets in the way of the mood.

No Stargirl, there is no different way in how you are drawn that should alert them. I guess you are quieter than usual, but they have other things to focus on.

The Dr. Seuss book being described is The Cat in the Hat Comes Back. Great book.

As shown later Stargirl is still possessed (nice job blowing your analysis Mr. Terrific) and I can see the Ghost is a decent actor. He has to be aided by them wanting to believe it is Stargirl (I mean she is the only thing holding this team together).

If Spectre knows a ghost is possessing her why not remove it now?

So Tojo had the Holy Grail? In-universe did he pass it on to his replacement when he was fired in June 1944? Was he not fired in this timeline? I have been really interested in this alternate timeline where Japan surrendered then like they almost did and this is not helping.

Quit acting like this is an allusion. This is not the weirdest thing to happen to you in the past few days.

This is the one joke I enjoyed, but I think Mr. terrific knows figures of speech better than that.

Again I think Ordway’s Stargirl is much meeker than John’s Stargirl. I think Flash chasing off three potential romantic interests would have made her finally say something to him. I know some fans think it was nonesense she joined the All-Stars. After this I say it makes perfect sense why she joined Power Girl instead (along with many other reasons).

They said he would get over it like Billy did. Are these three blind or dumb now? I think it is the second. Also none of them then check on Stargirl or send somebody to do it. No wonder this team fractures next storyline.

After Thy Kingdom Come I would have trusted him. Flash is nowhere near as forgiving as the writers think.

I liked this storyline the first time I read it for its mystery, but on all rereads it is just nonsense. Speaking of nonesense.

He doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

Make that he has 200,000 legs to stand on from there (just not his legs). The more I read about World War 2 the more apparent it is the Atomic Bomb was absolutely the right choice. With their corruption of bushido it was that, exterminate them with blockade, or an invasion. All of which would have killed millions more Japanese than the atomics bombs killed, and none of the bombings compare to the tens of millions of Chinese, Indonesians, Fillipinos, etc that the Japanese killed out of petty revenge, experimentation, and boredom.