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Hey folks and welcome to our second June session for the @JSABookClub. This session we will be reading a couple of issues of the Justice Society of America from 2006. This short story is one of revenge, betrayal and spirits. How will team members deal with vengeful spirits? Before we get down to business though we must have the….

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Issues to Read

Discussion Points

  1. Seems Obsidian has been acting oddly. Of you found yourself in the same situation as Alan and the others would you have trusted him here or would you have questioned his actions?

  2. What did you think of Kung’s plan?

Also interesting fact: The ghost that mentioned that his body was vaporized and that the shadow of it was etched on the stairs is referencing an actual Blast Shadow that is said to have been left behind on the steps of the Hiroshima Branch of the Sumitomo Bank.

  1. I’m not sure how long ago Obsidian’s problems had occurred, but I would like to think I would give him a chance. Alan especially should have believed him.
  2. Kung’s plan was a good one except for failing to account for the Spectre.