Black Lightning Will Appear in CW's Crisis

Cress Williams has confirmed that he will be appearing as Black Lightning in this fall’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover.

He says it’ll be a smaller part, and there’s no word on whether Thunder or Lightning will appear yet.

Fingers crossed!


Let Hope so! They had to noise him!

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I will be happy with anything from Black Lightning appearing in said event

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It’s about time. I hope the kids are included, too.

It’s about time! Now it’s official :slight_smile:


Any chance we get to see some of the Powerless characters?


The news of this crossover just keeps on getting better

Heck yes looking forward to the man Pierce Jefferson showing up in the shared universe.

I want to say neener, neener to all who said Black Lightening would never crossover because the show runners said so. It was inevitable. And, I won’t say neener neener I’ll just think it.

And also Kevin Conroy!