Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 1

Who watched last night’s season premiere? I really like this show. The quality is very consistent every episode. Thunder and Lightning both coming into their powers is fun to watch because they’re going about it in two very different ways. Lightning floating in her sleep and the scene in the bathroom with her father is such a cool visual. I’m actually bummed that Syonide died. She was mysterious in season 1 and I wanted to learn more about her and her relationship with Tobias.


It has a vibe very similar to the Marvel Netflix shows, and with quality of the earlier seasons from those shows, and season 2 is able to amp up the dark tones while still not feeling too edgy. I’m really excited to see more, especially of Tobias Whale who’s easily in my top 3 CW villains alongside deathstroke and reverse flash.

Yeah I was bummed to that they killed her in the first episode. But do you believe in the resurrection?

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She’ll be back somehow

Great return episode. I actually JUST binged all of season 1 last week. So, just in time! The show has some great characters. Tobias is a great villain, and I’ve really enjoyed Syonide and Painkiller as his henchpersons. So I was sad to see Syonide go. But, it feels like with them beefing up Kara’s role (maybe?) there was only so much time to go around. I’m intrigued to see where they are taking Issa. Will he develop powers too? Is that why he came back?

I like Tobias as well as a villain and I certainly hope they find a way to bring Syonide back. But as with any tv show, I can do with a lot less of the drama and more action.

I really enjoyed it! I had no knowledge of any of these characters prior to this show, but I’m loving it. It’s cool to see a family of superheroes, especially when one is pretty reluctant on the use of her powers. I’m excited to see how they all grow. And some of that moral ambiguity – stealing money to help her church – I hope they address that!


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Painkiller season two black lightning abilities strength and shoots needles from his wrist