Black Lightning S02E16

That Odelle guy that showed up at the end killed the WHOLE mood… Such a buzz kill lol xD. Literally just came sauntering in and ruined an almost happy ending episode lol

What did you guys think? Shows getting worse? Better?


I haven’t been catching the show lately. Planning on catching up on Netflix when the season drops there. The start of the season pushed me away. I really don’t enjoy the Romeo & Juliet storyline. & the Pod Kids saga really drags. Love the cast. Love season 1, for the most part.



Love Season one hopefully it’s cool Season two

Yeah the story for this season is a bit lackluster. I reaaaally hope they don’t do what Arrow did when EVERYBODY knew everyone’s secret identity. I liked the ambiguity around “the man behind the mask” concept. Quite honestly, I’m glad Arrow is ending. Great show when it started, but it had this slow decline over the years. Still watchable though

But on behalf of black lightning, it’s an alright show. It’s gotten less corny. Which is great

For me, the show could be better, but I still watch. I can’t say this season is better than last season, or worse. I have not been fond of the story so far, but the characters are not bad. I have no complaints about the cast.


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Black Lightning season 2 was awesome. Can not wait to see how the third season goes. Sounds like a chance for more action with all the meta-humans next season. Also I know that there are a lot of electrical characters already but adding the Static Shock couldn’t hurt right. Maybe his boy Gear? Shout out to an amazing second season. My family will be waiting by watching the the series again on Netflix while we wait for the third


The episodes are free to watch on (w/ commercials) or you can download BeeTV and watch them all there (amongst others)