Black Lighting in the Crisis on Infinite Earths?

Have there been any hints yet at all whether or not characters from Black Lightning will officially join the Arrowverse during the Crisis on Infinite Earth crossover? I really wish the CW merges all their DC shows into a single universe. Even though there won’t be a dedicated Black Lightning episode during the crossover, the event can still have repercussions for the show and characters from Black Lightning can join in on the fun in one of the episodes, say on The Flash or what have you. This needs to happen!


It’d be nifty and should happen. If Supergirl can be fit in, then surely Black Lightning can.

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right, if only Vancouver and Atlanta were closer

post-Crisis, what I’d love is for the Monitor to become mortal and wake up in Freeland with new memories as a character in the world of Black Lightning …

They can film characters in one location, then send that footage to the editor(s) in another who can then put them together in post.

It’s a proverbial Vancoulanta, really.