Birds of Prey Watch-along Tues. Jan. 8 to Sun. Jan. 13

Hello DCU! “Birds of Prey” anyone?

I will be watching the full series (13 episodes) of “Birds of Prey” while the Arrowverse is on hiatus. This will be my first time watching the series and I have no idea what to expect from the show. :slight_smile: All are welcome to join and watch-along. The watch-alongs will take place on this thread.

:cinema: The initial schedule is below.

:cinema: If you’d like to join, but the times don’t work for you, let me know in the comments and we’ll try to find a work around.

:cinema: If there is interest in continuing the watch along, the schedule for the remaining episodes will be added in the comments.

:cinema: Please watch the comments for updates.

Initial Schedule:

:spiral_calendar:TUESDAY evening, JAN. 8th

  • Birds of Prey, Pilot, S1 E1
    Starts at 10:00p.m. EST / 7:00p.m. PST

  • Birds of Prey, Slick, S1 E2
    Starts at 10:50p.m. EST / 7:50p.m. PST

  • Birds of Prey, Prey for the Hunter, S1 E3
    Starts at 11:45a.m. EST / 8:45p.m. PST

:spiral_calendar:WEDNESDAY evening, JAN. 9th

  • Birds of Prey, Three Birds and a Baby, S1 E4
    Starts at 12:00a.m. EST (technically Jan 10th on the East Coast) / 9:00p.m. PST

  • Birds of Prey, Sins of the Mother, S1 E5
    Starts at 12:45a.m. EST (technically Jan 10th on the East Coast) / 9:45p.m. PST


I’m interested but can’t make tomorrow night.

@Vroom Ok cool. We’ll see if other comments (RSVPs) come in.

If there are no other comments (RSVPs) by Tuesday Jan 8 at 5 PST. We can push the start date to Thursday.

If others can join on the initial time stated in the thread, then we’ll push forward with the original plan, and hopefully you can catch up on the first three episodes, then join us on Thursday. Does that sound ok?

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Yeah, perfectly. Anyone else is welcome to join.

I’m free tomorrow! But how exactly does this work?

Hello @Miss.Wolf! I’d be great if you could join :slight_smile:

We use two devices - one to watch the movie, and the other to make comments throughout the movie.

A few minutes before “show time” we usually cue up the movie to 0:00 and hit the pause button. Precisely at showtime, we all hit play. You’ll want to make sure you have access to to something with a precise time (my computer shows the hours/minutes/seconds ago that I know I’m pushing play at the exact second I should).

Refresh your screen often to see the new comments :slight_smile:

This sounds awesome! BoP was the second series I watched on the service (after Constantine!) and as cheesy as it was, I absolutely loved it!
Shemar Moore definitely made the cheese a little more palatable. :3
I may not be able to actually pop in, but I’ll definitely be around to catch what I can of the WAL’s!

Cool :sunglasses:. I’m really looking forward to to watching it.

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Will be an interesting wal.

I will be watching this tonight! Can’t wait :blush:. If anyone wants to watch-along, let me know.


sadly due to other tv shows(mainly on netflix) i wont be able to join but hope you enjoy it

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I’ll try to make it

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I love this!! Sorry I can’t make it this week, but I’ll try to make it for some in the future! <3

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@all - Thanks for the interest! No worries for anyone that can’t make it. I’m excited to finally watch it :slight_smile:

@TX85, if you can make it, awesome! If you can’t, truly no worries. There will be plenty of WaLs in the near future :slight_smile:


I’m here

hey! I started episode 3 at :45 are you watching too?

I got confused on the times, I forgot that 10pm was for eastern time lol. I’m on youtube

My bad

no worries. I’ll be continuing on Wednesday according to the initial schedule. Feel free to join for episode 4 tomorrow if you’d like to.


I was only able to get the first two episodes in today. Work got in the way from getting caught up as much as I had originally planned.

Could five be moved to tomorrow night at the same time if possible?