BigBlock - Supergirl - WIP

Looks great to me @bigblock66! Don’t be so hard on yourself.


Thanks guys. @SteveTrevor2.0 , so I need to lighten or remove the main outline?
I never took art classes, so I’m all ears for improvement :sunglasses::hugs:


My wife said that her art teacher said try not to outline figures when you draw them. Instead, try and blend their outline with the background, or at least that was the emphasis she was given in class.

She does admit that her classes were not about comic art, and she is not sure how much comic art her teacher was familiar with. Her advice might be more applicable to more classical approaches. My wife was taught for a more realistic style that might be the opposite of comic art.

There is also a non-trained intuitive aspect to art, or art made because you really enjoy making it. I don’t draw, but I play mandolin and I approach my practice based on the fact it is fun and I am not interested in learning scales or using the circle of fifths so I just play and have a good time doing it. When it becomes more like work than fun I lose my way.

I think the most important thing is to keep at it. You’ll improve with or without formal training as long as you practice. If you are interested in learning more, there are a ton of “How to draw DC” classes on youtube that look interesting. If not, just keep on drawing. As you can tell by the comments on all of your posts, we all enjoy seeing the stuff you make!

Hope this helps!


Didn’t want to interrupt. I believe the technical term she may have been referring to is sfumato. Common term in art.

sfumato , (from Italian sfumare , “to tone down” or “to evaporate like smoke”), in painting or drawing, the fine shading that produces soft, imperceptible transitions between colours and tones. It is used most often in connection with the work of Leonardo da Vinci and his followers, who made subtle gradations, without lines or borders, from light to dark areas; the technique was used for a highly illusionistic rendering of facial features and for atmospheric effects. See also chiaroscuro.


@SteveTrevor2.0 @Aquamon

Awesome. Thanks a million for all the great pointers. Gonna see if i can get better at it.


You never took art class? You know what I call that? Your art talent is a give from God, and he certainly bless you with such a great talent. :slightly_smiling_face:
Not everyone is bless with a great art gift like you and @sarahmariesapphire has, and that’s a wonderful thing.
I love to draw, but I don’t have the talent that you guys have. As for Minecraft Artwork, that I enjoy doing.
I always look forward to seeing what art you draw next next, no matter what, it’ll always turn out great. As always don’t be too hard on yourself.:smiley:



You made my whole week my dear brother :heart:
Way too kind.
No, never taken a single class. Just grew up reading comics and trying so long to be like my artist heros like Jim Lee, Alex Ross, Todd McFarlane, Neal Adams, Bendis, Steranko, Jim Starlin, Capullo, Finch, Reis, Perez, Quesada, Sale, and a hundred other greats that all of y’all already know anyways. :hugs:

I have always hated everything I do/draw, but I’m extremely humbled and grateful for whatever ya’ll see in it.

I deeply appreciate all of the words of wisdom, advice, and kind words.

Love you all


I am shocked. You are so lucky that you have this amazing natural talent.


Sucks? Far from it. That’s pretty nice. She’s got a strong, fierce look.


Awe. Thanks guys. :hugs:


See!!! Lol…I’ve tried to tell em I’d never say anything if it wasn’t awesome!!! Why would I? -& I’m working on owning 1 of every figure made @bigblock66 haha…I’am pretty close :joy:


That takes dedication! @bigblock66 always impresses the whole community!


Yes… I accidentally made that post confusing lol. I meant @bigblock66 doesn’t believe how awesome his art is??? -& I was replying to the inquiry he presented, about whether or not I own 1 of every figure lol. You are extremely talented @bigblock66 i show off the Zatanna poster u drew me nonstop. Everyone asks me where they can get one? Sorry, this is a BB exclusive…lol…

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