BigBlock - 6 Pack - Work In Progress

Ok gang, so @Jurisdiction requested for me to try my hand at drawing 6 Pack.

Well, since I’ve never even heard of him, I figured it would be fun to throw my own little twist in there just for my buddy @Jurisdiction.

So, I’m calling this piece “Pass The Mic”

I was going for a scene where 6 Pack wondered into a rundown old neon karaoke bar, and decided to sing his drunken lungs out.

And for this one, there’s two things I think would be fun.

#1- I’d love to hear you critiques on my very poor attempt of drawing 6 Pack

#2- Name the Karaoke song that you think 6 Pack is singing


P.S……. @Jurisdiction, I want to apologize in advance for messing up this character so badly. I tried.

Also, if you zoom in on the sign above the door on the far right, I put a little Easter egg for my DC Family :sunglasses::+1:


You really knocked another one out of the park, friend. Seriously great job! I need to level up to compete against your awesomeness haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh my god that’s amazing!


Thanks guys. :hugs:


:clap::clap: Superb.

Edit: Love the Easter Egg (I’d be up and torturing you guys after 2- it doesn’t take much to get me on stage).

Why do you think you messed this up…?? This seems 100% in line with the few times I’ve read the character.

I bet he’s singing Journey. Pretty safe go to for a lot of people. Don’t stop! Believing!!


:ballot_box_with_check: @bigblock66 Challenge Accepted and you killed it! Excellent selection @Jurisdiction! This character looks so cool!

@TheTerrificToyman, it definitely feels like Journey! Or could it be Whitesnake? :grinning:

I love the shoutout to the DCU Family. That is absolutely epic! The textures as usual are on point and the color scheme lends well to the bar scene, throwing off a Supernatural aesthetic. The neon lights are fantastic, with little nods scattered throughout the woodwork as well as the microphone glint (another slick move). Excellent fine details all the way throughout (like the spilled beer off the bar)!

One area that I wondered about was the choice to make his linework wavy. I see in the sketches that his outline was initially smoother. I also think this might be one piece where you can go heavy in that area, as he seems to somewhat blend with his colorful surroundings.

Thank you again for sharing with us! It’s so fun to watch you progress and this piece is another banger! :boom:


I like it. Some stuff detailed, while others look a little hazier…very much what its like after more than a few beers.


I considered that too, @TheTerrificToyman!


You all are way too kind…. Especially after the mess that i made of 6 pack.
But i appreciate it anyways.


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Thanks for the critiques.
Yeah, when I started getting to the end, it was obvious that all my browns and yellows were sortof drawing my eye into some sort of mud hole existence.
So I thought that if I bolded him some, that it might break up him against the background.
But it was probably the wrong move to make.
Oh well, I keep trying to tell myself, that trying is what matters….
Maybe one day I’ll get better

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