Beyond confused

First time watching Beyond. I miss all the classic tropes. So, not sure how I feel about it yet. How can we have a Bats with an Alfred?

*without Alfred

Keep watching it, it’s good. It’s good and it’s connected to the Justice League series

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Yeah the show has its own unique style, but it’s awesome since it is set in the dc animated universe. Just think of Bruce as the Alfred character in some ways. Terry is a good different we never got with Bruce or any of the Robins. Show isn’t better than Batman animated series or Justice League Unlimited , but definitely a must watch. After you finish the show tho, and The Return of the Joker movie, be sure to watch the episode “Epilogue” from Justice League Unlimited for the conclusion of the series.


I’ve made it to season 2. There are definitely things I like about it - the music, the suit, references to other things. I mainly just miss the villains. These new ones just aren’t the same. Like, we’ve had two versions of Clayface. The could have done something similar to the Bane episode to introduce some version of the old school villains. For example, Spellbinders could have somehow linked to Scarecrow. I’m just glad it’s not as juvenile as it appeared to be from the six episode prerelease. And I don’t hate it.