Best way to watch COIE?

So now that the 5 episode crossover will be available to stream without commercials, I really wanna do a rewatch and maybe also show it to my brother who hasn’t seen any of the Arrowverse and the other DC shows.

I know 4/5 are for Netflix and Batwoman can be watched on the CW but with commercials and on HBO Max without.

Sorta hoped there would be a way to watch it all like a movie, but it doesn’t seem like that’s currently possible. What do y’all suggest?

I can’t say for sure since I don’t actually have either, but I think the final season/complete series of Arrow on blu-ray would be the best way currently. Both sets have a separate disc containing all the episodes, so while there’ll still be the usual breaks in between installments, you’d be able to use that w/out having to skip from show to show. It should also be the case for the other Arrowverse blu-rays from the most recent seasons (minus Black Lightning). I know at least 1 of the producers has talked about wanting to release crossovers like this as a big movie, but union rules about credit on each show has held that up


Oh that’s great! Thank you. Didn’t know about that.


Yeah, the physical media option seems like the best plan.

I know a large group of people that have been watching the Arrowverse shows on Netflix as they are released and, this year, they’re in for a nasty surprise when they get to the crossover episodes. Maybe having Part II of Crisis on HBOMax will generate interest in the new app for these viewers, but I have my doubts.


With the DC Ledgends of Tomorrow going up on Netflix will the COIE Special be included?
As of June 10th the whole crossover can be watched on Netflix except Bat-women. I think it’s free with commercials on the CW but I just bought the single episode from Prime. I’m not much of a TV Fan and just wanted to see the Crossover.
If you wanted to watch it straight threw, you can “Get” the episodes as you please( by buying seasons or episodes) and make a chronological watch list on Amazon Prime…


If you watch in the cw site with an ad blocker you don’t have to worry about ads stopping it (always works for me).