Best way to read knightfall story arc?

Looking to read the Knightfall story arc. I’m new to the comics but is reading the prelude and then the 25th anniversary volumes the way to go?

I know i only read that Vengence of Bane as a prelude to Knightfall and i could follow it easily. Bane’s whole backstory is in that one-shot. That was from the first of the three large paperback books they released a few years back. So u should be fine if you dont buy PRELUDE. That being said, i plan to buy it anyways for the next time i read the whole epic

Probably the three big trades, though it should be noted that those have had a big chunk missing that is actually being released in a trade tomorrow titled “Knightsquest: The Crusade.” There’s also going to be a volume 2 of this as well as “The Search.”