Best Tablet for DC Universe App

I have a Book 7. It’s got 8gb of internal memory so it will store a ton of books even after I removed all the extra apps and disabled not used apps (this removes update files). There is a 128gb SD Card formatted as internal storage so I can move the app to the SD card since this app doesn’t allow designating where it can store data. (App and storage need to be in the same location). According to support this isn’t supported. So what happens is when the app is updated it moves the app back to the internal storage and I lose all the downloaded comics. This may be better resolved in Android 9.0 but my phone doesn’t have a SD slot so I can’t test it.

Was going to check on the Walmart On but not sure if that’s going to work either. So does anyone have a suggestion for a cheap tablet? Under $150 (no iPads and not $600 Samsung tablets because at $600 I might as well just buy all the trades)

Should be a Nook 7 inch tablet.