Best Superman comic run

What’s your favorite Superman comic run

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Like, anything JMS didn’t write.

Yeah… wasn’t a big fan of his ever

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My favorite Superman run starts with Byrne’s Man of Steel and continues for the next decade. Great writing, art and editing is the hallmark of this run. I have delineated my reasons for my affection for this period elsewhere on this app, but suffice to say this was the definitive run of The Man of Steel.


My favorites:

  • Denny O’Neal on Superman, volume 1. It’s short, but very fun, and Curt Swan’s art is beautiful.

  • John Byrne. From The Man of Steel to Action Comics, Superman and later on, The Adventures of Superman, it’s just perfect to me.

  • Anything written and/or drawn by Dan Jurgens. No matter the title, if it pertains to Superman and Jurgens’ name is on the cover, I know I’ll love it.

  • Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness’ runs on Superman and Superman/Batman (especially the latter). Pure comic book fun and adventure of the highest order.

  • Peter Tomasi on the Rebirth volume of Superman. The best volume of Superman since volume 2, during Byrne and Jurgens’ respective runs.


I really enjoyed Joe Kelly’s run on Action Comics which culminated with the Russian Zod storyline.

  1. Siegel & Shuster. Original Superman is best Superman.

  2. Otto Binder. Infusing Supes with some Captain Marvel touches.

  3. Tomasi’s Rebirth. The evolution Clark needed.

  4. Geoff Johns. Especially with Gary Frank.

  5. Denny’s Sandman Saga. Too bad it didn’t stick.


I feel like I’m one of few people who champions Johns’ first run on Superman (in Superman v2 for those unaware). It’s short but sweet, and was mostly one and done stories.

His later work in assorted Superman titles is fantastic too, but that early run on Superman v2 is quite underrated.


You say that, but where is it on DCU? :stuck_out_tongue:

Honorable mentions to Morrison for T-Shirt Supes and to the Triangle Era gang for making Byrne’s Superman take his head out of his S.

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@AlexanderKnox You can go to my Print to Digital Request Thread and request it, Mr. “I eat light!”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or, do as I did, and buy it at a comic store. Those issues are easy to find, and cheap.

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We do seem to have pieces of that run here.

  1. Superman 100 Page Spectacular #1
  2. Superman #186-187
  3. Superman 100 Page Spectacular #2
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Superman .Lois and Clark
Followed by Tomasi Superman rebirth

Man of Steel by John Byrne

Jerry .Siegal Return to Krypton


That we do. The only downside of those 100 Page Spectaculars is that most of the covers were excised for those books to meet their price points ($7.99 I think).

That aside, they’re alot of fun.

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@dogwelder9: Cary Bates a great Superman scribe and one of the most underrated writers in the history of this medium.

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