Best Batman Story Of All Time? (Comics, Movies, Games, etc.)

Yeah I agree anything Snyder is fantastic, you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t read the long halloween as well.

I need suggestions for what to read next.

Detective Comics. I’d recommend starting with issue #27.


Thanks, but why not issue number one?

Batman wasn’t introduced until issue #27.

If you’re looking for a shorter series (i.e. one that hasn’t been running for 80 years straight), then I’d suggest trying out Batman and the Outsiders or Legends of the Dark Knight.

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See existing topic

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I know I sound like I don’t know what’s going on

You’re fine

And definitely not the first to ask.


I’m all about Batman, I just don’t know where to start for the comics, so thank you

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Ouch! :laughing:

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I’m going to support @AlexanderKnox here and second The Outsiders.


What Batman titles have you liked so far, @Bluelanternofsector2814?

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I’ve actually been enjoying the detective comics, also I liked son of Batman, and death in the family @ralphsix

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Ah…you may want to track down Death of the Family.

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Oh, also, are you a member of the World of Bats book club? We read a different Batman story every week.

Death of the Family is my number 1 Joker story. Batman Black Mirror number 1 Batman story. Batman & the Outsiders one of, if not, my favorite Batman series. It’s hard to miss tho. Imho, I loved all the older & newer Bats stuff. Superman/Batman & Batman/Superman we’re great. Sorcerer Kings my favorite arc from Superman/Batman #’s 78-84. Metal seems to be love or hate, I love it. Rest suggested on here are all great.

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Here’s some recommendations:

First, a few stories that are good for new Batman readers:

  • If you’re willing to read old stuff, there were a lot of great Batman and Detective Comics stories in the '70s. Batman: Strange Apparitions (first issue can be found here) is a particularly good story.
  • Batman: Year One is in Batman (1940-) #404-407. That’s probably the best-known take on Batman’s origin and a nice starting point.
  • Batman: The Long Halloween is a great miniseries. It’s another “prequel” story about Batman’s early years, and I personally like it better than Year One.
  • Batman: Hush is a much later story, but it uses a lot of the supporting cast and rogues gallery, and is very good about introducing them in a way that makes sense for a new reader. It starts with Batman (1940-) #608 and goes to #619.

And now, some personal storyline picks:

And a couple general runs:

  • Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight is a cool series. Up through the first 58 issues, it was just a bunch of standalone stories done by different writers and artists, so some are better than others but it’s pretty cool overall.
  • Chuck Dixon wrote Detective Comics (1937-) from #644 through #729 and I love his work.
  • Paul Dini’s Detective Comics run from #821 to #852 and he’s another of my favorites. One of his stories follows up on Hush, too.

Everyone’s opinion should be respected!


So many to choose from. Here is my personal favorites:

Comic: The Killing Joke
Movie: Batman Returns
Game: Arkham Asylum

What about yours, AidenG?

Comic: Can’t decide
Movie: The Dark Knight
Game: Arkham City

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