Best Batman memory

Hey all. Just wondering what your best Batman memory is. Mine is gonna date me. I was 10 yrs old in 1968, so I watched Batman 66 when it first aired. I grew up in New York, and they had a kids show called Wonderama. Me and my friend Ritchie got tickets to the show. Adam West and Burt Ward, as Batman and Robin, were special guests, and I got to challange Robin to a riddle. I still remember his response, “Holy difficulties, you should be the new Riddler!” It made my 10 year old life!

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My best batman memory would have to be just watching the animated series as a kid. It was my favorite show back then and its still one of my favorites to this day.

Me and my friend got to church early one night had a copy of Batman and Robin on VHS found the room with a VCR and started watching totally got into it lost track of time next thing we know an other friend said they been looking for us said church was over so we missed it completely! Ha

I was about five years old in the early 70s just playing with my toys and I looked up at the tv just in time to see a still of Adam West’s BATMAN. I wasn’t scared but I was disturbed by the sight of him. Disturbed but very much interested in knowing more about this character and his world; I’m still in that world.

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The summer of 1989. Those who were there know what I’m talking about.

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A few years ago was the first time that both Kevin Conroy and I were at NYCC at the same time. I seem to be a bit younger than yall so I grew up watching BTAS and he is my absolute Batman (when I’m reading, Batman’s voice is Kevin Conroy). He was doing autographs so I got there really early and waited in line well before he was supposed to start signing. There’s a good number of other dedicated nerds waiting in my line and other lines too at that point. Well, about 10 minutes before the tables were supposed to open, Kevin Conroy comes out and walks to his table (no other autographers were out yet). He doesn’t sit at his table. No- he gets up and stands on the table. He put his arms up and addressed the crowd, "I AM VENGEANCE. I AM THE NIGHT. I. AM. BATMAN!!! still gives me shivers

  1. Standing in line after already reading the movie novelization. I was 11 and never happier. Well… except for the time I got Snake Mountain for X-Mas.