Bendis' Superman

So, am I the only one who feels like Bendis is trying too hard to reinvent the superman mythos? I am not trying to knock the guy, lord knows too many people on too many sites do that already, but it seems like he wants to focus more on leaving his own bench mark on the property, and less about building on what the writers before him had accomplished. The man is an excellent writer, only a fool would doubt that, but I fear in his attempt at creating his own take on the Man of Steel, with longer plots, and twist and turns for everyone, that in the end he might just end alienating fans from reading what could end up being a great run. Any other thoughts out there on the subject?

It’s really hit or miss for me, I am interested to see what the story does but I feel he doesn’t understand the things in superman’s world. His lack of understanding of the phantom zone shows that he didn’t do too much homework on superman. It was the same problem I had with his moon knight run.

I’m enjoying his run but it does feel like he hadn’t read any DC comics for awhile.

I’ve been enjoying his Action Comics run so far but I dropped his Superman like a hot potato. I know a lot of people on other forums are all praising it to high heaven but it just doesn’t work for me for exactly the reasons mentioned by some of you. Also I found his portrayal of Flash to be as grating as nails on a chalkboard to read.