Batwoman New Season

Whats everyone’s thoughts on the new season of Batwoman?

Season 1 was good, almost on the same tracks as Arrow Season 1. Although the one thing I didn’t like was the change of her cowl.:thinking:

Didnt like how they made it chin less. Just like with Flash in season 5.:grimacing:

I do hope they introduce one or 2 of my favorite female characters.
One of them being Lady Shiva and the other Cassandra Cain (although they introduced her in BOP)

Season 1 was fantastic! It started off a little shaky, but I thought it got better and better as it went on. It was great seeing the Arrowverse’s Gotham and focusing on characters that haven’t gotten much attention in adaptations before. The definite highlight for me, and for a lot of other fans, was definitely Alice. The tragedy they built in to her psychotic nature combined w/ a phenomenal performance from Rachel Skarsten made her easily 1 of the best Arrowverse villains ever. My biggest problem was the abrupt ending to the season, but even then I recognize it’s something they had no control over, so I can’t even say it was that big an issue

I’m personally hoping that Shiva ends up as the first big bad of Green Arrow and the Canaries if that gets picked up, but even if it doesn’t I’d love to see her and Cass in the Arrowverse in some capacity. Cass especially would be awesome since it’d give us a chance to see a more comic-accurate version of her than we got in BoP

What if they used Shiva as a villain on Batwoman, then used Cassandra on Green Arrow and the Canaries the same season without the characters (or non comic reading audience) knowing how they are connected? After all, several characters on Green Arrow and the Canaries are the children of modern day Arrowverse heroes and villains.

I’m excited for the upcoming season. I really enjoyed season 1, and while I would have preferred a smoother transition from Kate to the incoming Batwoman I understand why it isn’t possible. But I love legacy heroes, so I’m looking forward to seeing a new take on the character – and how she interacts with the existing supporting characters.