Batwoman Gets Full-Season Order From the CW

I wasn’t even aware the show was still waiting on a full season order, but this is great to see nonetheless. Batwoman’s off to a great start, and I can’t wait to see how the Alice storyline progresses, especially now that Kate has her actual suit


YAY!!! :hugs:


I think that’s how the networks do most shows nowadays. Why pay for a show of if it gets cancelled mid-season? Glad to see this got picked up!

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I also wasn’t aware they hadn’t ordered a full season yet. Yay!

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True. I guess I’m just so used to the Arrowverse shows continually getting renewed for full season that I forgot it’s gonna work a bit differently for Batwoman’s first season. I’m sure it’ll get in that habit for future season, though


Good i want the riddler tenor i love using gifs

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Yeah, it would be great to actually see Nigma instead of just hinting at him. Hopefully Hush’s inclusion will lead to getting a few more Batman villains


This is amazing! She gets the credit she deserves. Hope she can do a collab with Robert Pattinson once that comes out so their story arcs can be intertwined.

As interesting as that would be, those are 2 completely different continuities and WB hasn’t given the slightest indication that there could be any crossover between the movies and TV shows. I just wouldn’t hold your breath on something like that happening

This is why im watching for gotham villains

On one hand, happy to see that CW is finding the show successful enough to keep going with it. On the other hand, I have to say that one of the worst things about the CW shows for me is the 23 episodes – it just pads out and bloats what could be great stories with so much fluff and crap. The episode lengths we’ve been getting on shows like Titans, DP and Watchmen, 10-13 episodes, I think that’s the perfect length for these kinds of shows.

Yeah, that can sometimes be too much. I give a lot of credit to writers when they can make a long season like that work (which isn’t always). I ultimately doubt the network will ever back down from mandating that many episodes per season for the most successful shows, so we just kinda have to live w/ it on the CW

It’s all cost/benefit analysis. I think WB is also feeling a bit leery on things given the 60+ million they lost on Swamp Thing. Making sure a show can ultimately pay for itself is valid and proper business. In Batwoman’s case, they can tell by ratings and a tin of analytics and sell spots to advertisers to have the first season make enough. The question will be what are the numbers mid-late season when they have to make the call on season 2.

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Awesome. Now, I get to listen to more reviews on “‘woke’ Batman” (not sure the meaning, but the video includes humorous emphasis).
If the pilot episode was on here or Amazon Prime, I would try watching it.

Wasn’t the reason ST was cancelled was because they misjudged how expensive it would be to film it where they were? (I think it was one of the Carolinas)

So far I’m enjoying it

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I’ve always disagreed with this opinion. Some of my favorite episodes, dating back to Smallville and Supernatural, have been filler episodes. Look back at every 13 episode superhero show and you will find that they barely do any superheroics.

Swamp Thing did not get an international streaming service pickup. (Both Titans & Doom Patrol did.) Hence second seasons for T & DP but not for ST.

(I do believe, although no reason beyond “creative differences”, was given from r reducing ST to 10 rather than 13 episodes. (Did somebody over estimate the tax breaks? Probably, but it was not getting picked up for the international market that sealed it fate.

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I think I recall reading that all that stuff about expecting more money from the state turned out to be a bit of hogwash. That international pick-up is the first explanation that’s made sense to me.

Good to see it get the full season pick up.

Networks traditionally commit to a 13 episode season, and if they like what they see in the early going they pick it up for the rest (called “the back 9” because a season is usually 22 episodes – unlike streaming and cable where 13 episodes is usually the longest a season will run). This only happens with the first season. After that, a renewal is either for all 22 episodes or for a shortened season like they did with Gotham’s final year or Arrow this year.

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