Batwoman Back on Air!

BatWoman is FINALLY back on air! That means more Alice

And more Batwoman

For All! Yaaaay!


With all the Arrow spin-offs created and in production, I’m surprised Alice doesn’t have one announced.

What do you mean? Like, Alice’s have her own show? That would be AMAZING! Alice is the best part of the show!


If Lois and Clark are getting their own CW spin-off, I think any spin-off shouldn’t be ruled out, including a Tommy Merlyn spin-off.

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To stay on topic, I haven’t even finished the first season yet! :rofl:

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It’s the first season that back, it stopped airing because of the pandemic.




FINALLY!! I was wondering when it was going to come back. I have an iTunes Season Pass and every week I would get a notification every week. Every Sunday I would hold my breath waiting to get notified about that week’s episode… but then it just stopped. Especially with the pandemic and being stuck at home all day every day, it left a hole in my week :sob:

Then I got a notification this past Sunday, and I couldn’t have been more surprised… and happy!!


Exactly, I have been really missing it. I went on the CW App yesterday and said, “I really miss Batwoman” and BAM There was a new episode, I was so exited.


Alice has been my favorite part of the show. They’ve added so many layers to her character.

I really like that they’re giving Kate so much to deal with. That might sound strange, but hear me out: seeing Kate go through growing pains in being a hero is amazing. She’s making mistakes but she’s learning from them. They’re not going the “bat-god” trope. She’s making her own mark as a hero and we get to see that journey isn’t always easy.

If I had one complaint about the show this week, and it’s a minor one, it’s that the supporting cast seem to be spinning their wheels. Even when we learned more about what happened with Lucius’ death and how Luke is handling it, it seemed like filler rather than the poignant moment it was supposed to be. Mary didn’t have much to do and we all know where this Sophie/Julia thing is headed. It didn’t break the episode for me, though.


I’m really enjoying the episodes. I especially love that Mary finally told Kate she knows she’s Batwoman and forced her way into the bat fam and It’s revealed Tuxedo One has gone rogue! Who is she working for? How does this fit in with The Many Arms?!

So many questions! So many answers needed. More! I must have more Batwoman!!! :bat: :batman_hv_1: :bat:

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