Batman's Adventures in Chronological Order

Hey, so I’m collecting all of the Batman comics, and I’m doing the all in main canon chronological order. The whole story is Pre-Flashpoint, with Batman Year One as the starting point. How I’m doing this is putting all of his story arcs and in a way, put them in at least the best chronological order as possible, as to which I’m basing everything on the design of his suit to which Robin that was with him in each one. And some of these stories may also feature 2 other stories that may take place in his earlier years. Here’s what I have so far:

Batman Year One
Year One Ra’s al Ghul
Batman: The Man Who Laughs
Batman Venom
Batman The Long Halloween
Batman Haunted Knight
Batman Dark Victory
Batman Full Circle
Batman Song of the Demon
Batman The Cult
Batman The Killing Joke
Batman Sword of Azrael
Batman A Death in the Family
Batman Mr Freeze
Batman Riddler
Batman Knight Fall Vol 1, 2, 3
Batman Legacy
Batman Cataclysm
Batman No Man’s Land Vol 1-5
Batman Bruce Wayne: Murderer?
Batman Bruce Wayne: Fugitive Vol 1-3
Batman Hush
Batman War Games Vol 1-3
Batman Hush Returns
Batman Under the Red Hood
Batman The Widening Gyre
Batman and Son
Batman The Resurrection of Ra’s al Ghul
Final Crisis
Batman Battle for the Cowl
Batman The Return of Bruce Wayne


I think your order is definitely spot on, but I’d say you’re missing “A Lonely Place of Dying” its a great story about how Tim Drake became Robin

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Also, I’m also going of the Batman File book which is like Batman’s Journal of his entire life from the day he was born, his childhood, the day his parents were murdered, his training, becoming Batman, his adventures as Batman, to Batman Incorporated.

dwedge: Actually what’s funny about that, is in A Death in the Family Graphic Novel, not any of the volumes, it does actually include that story. I’m going by story arcs, so I’m collecting the graphic novels, not the individual issues.

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You’ve got a long way to go lol but hey this is a great project to take on. I’d started doing something similar a few years ago, but changed my mind when I realized that collecting all of post crisis batman would require me to stop collecting other comics I was interested in. I think you’re in luck with this, however, because DC has been putting out new batman volumes from this era in the last few years.

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@gregorycoxx: I’m mostly a Batman fan, so that is where my main focus is. Yes I’ll collect other stories as well just 'cause, but it’s mostly surrounds the Batman timeline. I also have the New 52 comics as well, but those are easy to keep track of. It’s only for the Pre-Flashpoint, post Infinite Crisis is what I’m concentrating on.

I know for sure Long Halloween wasn’t main continuity.

Actually it is main canon, since The Batman File mostly shows main canon story arcs, and The Long Halloween is featured it in. I am aware that there was another story before this one, but The Long Halloween is a bit more compelling, and there’s also the idea that other stories can also take place in between the holiday killings. Which is another thing about my little project, there are some stories that either take place in between and during certain events in certain story arcs. Like The Man Who Laughs somewhat takes place during and after the events of Year One.