Batman Vs TMNT Thoughts and opinions

I just watched it for the third time and i still love it. The fighting scenes are amazing, and it makes me laugh more than an adam sandler movie. I thought it was a great crossover with Warner and Nickelodeon. I wish more animated movies had detailed fight scenes like that, thats what i wanted from batman ninja and didnt get. Those fight scenes between batman and shredder are beautiful. Just wanted to hear everyone’s thoughts and favorite scenes and quotes. Happy fathers day to the fathers (including me), oh and “Michelangelo press some buttons”.


This movie gave us perhaps the most brutal depiction of Ra’s al Ghul we’ve ever gotten. I mean, he was always a bad guy, but here, he’s completely lacking in sympathetic qualities. No “good intentions” for him; just kill as many people as possible and don’t ask why! (Same goes for Shredder) It is a fascinating take on him, to say the least.

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Imo, it’s one of the best DC animated films and likely the best crossover animated film from with DC for a while yet


The Ra’s/Shredder dynamic was the most thought provoking item in the movie.

Perhaps they need to align Ra’s with other villains like that more.

Although I can see Ra’s being ok with a decent chunk of a population being wiped out. It would keep in line with some of his “eco-terrorist” history. (Which I still think Marvel totally stole for Thanos.)

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Some of the best animated fight scenes in DCAU. It’s pretty great all around.

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I was entertained the entire movie, i didnt catch myself looking at my watch or texting someone, just pure entertainment and pizza rolls of course.

It was not what I was expecting I wish Batgirl would have looked better other then that Ra’s Al Ghul is awesome, and I want pizza now

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Great comments everyone. I just wanted to know, when is Batman vs TMNT coming to DC Universe? Does anyone know? I don’t see any indication here?

I love everything they made canon. Literally almost every line has a hidden meaning.

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