Batman The Brave and The Bold Updates (James Gunn's Universe)

Another Batman. Another universe. Another news thread.

This thread will provide updates on the incoming film in James Gunn’s new DCU slate “Gods and Monsters”.


As part of our first update on the film, James Gunn has found his writer for Batman: The Brave and The Bold and that writer is none other than John Logan.

John Logan’s credits:


James Logan is a great writer, but he seems much more suited to a Robert Pattison Bat film that a Grant Morrison run containing Damian Wayne.

I expect them to rethink this before it gets released. Batman is their only character with a long track record of consistently turning a profit. Expecting movie audiences to enthusiastically turn out for two different versions of the same character is just begging to ruin their track record…as bone-headed as putting films on Max the same date they debut in the theater.

Okay, after how bad Flash was I lost interest.

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And after all those times you said you’d never watch The Flash if Ezra Miller was in it, impressive how that hasn’t colored your opinion of the film at all.

I said I would not watch it until they were out of the job. Noe that has happened.

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