Batman The Animated Series Remastered is beautiful

I remember watching Batman as a child. I went to see Batman Mask of the Phantasm during its original release in theaters. I remember sitting in my dorm room in the mid-90’s watching it with friends during breaks from the original Mario Cart. Batman the animated series is one of the best American animation shows ever IMHO. Superman, Justice League just kept the spirit alive. Batman Beyond, as both video and comic, is one of my favorite properties. I am amazed at how good Batman the animated series (remastered) looks. I went and compared my DVD version and the streaming version doesn’t even look like the same show. DC and Warner did an awesome job!


Warner Home Entertainment did indeed do an excellent job on the HD remasters of BTAS and TNBA.

I’m sure if remasters for STAS and BB come along, they’ll be as good as BTAS (if not better).

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