Batman TAS season 3 and 4 coming in February?

I saw someone post on reddit that Batman the Animated Series seasons 3 and 4 are coming February 1st… the fact it said 3 and 4 gives me pause, but it included the other content that has been announced. So anyone know if this is true? Or just someone trying to stir things up?

The entirety of BTAS is already here as The New Batman Adventures is a seperate follow-up show. If it does come here in February that’d be cool.

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Yeah, don’t quote me but their getting Batman and Robin series with the final season that ran in 95’

That’s going of memory, also getting the first season of Krypton in February

Have they put Batman the Animated Series already on here? Are all four seasons on here or not? Somebody please explain are all the episodes available or only partial?

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@salman951.1636 The entirety of Batman: The Animated Series, as well it’s follow-up, The New Batman Adventures, is available on DC Universe.

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Hi. Thanks for replying and responding… But then why does it only say seasons 1 & 2 (those are the only ones displayed)?

I’ll be happy to see all of Batman: The Animated Series on DC Universe. At the moment, it looks like we only have Seasons 1 & 2. Loving every minute of the episodes that are available though!

@salman951.1636 There are two seasons of BTAS. Season 1 has 65 episodes, while season 2 has 20, for a series total of 85 episodes.

Ok. But is that all of them, or are there any missing episodes of the original Batman TAS? AREN’T there any more than the 85 episodes? If so, why haven’t they included all of the episodes in the subscription yet?

Weren’t there originally 4 separate seasons that aired on TV long time ago? ?

Everything from BTAS is on DC Universe. 100%, it’s all here. All 85 episodes of the show, along with the 24 episodes of it’s follow-up series, The New Batman Adventures. Absolutely nothing from either show is missing.

Some may think there are four seasons due to the show having four DVD box set releases (I’m not counting the Complete Series collections on DVD, or Blu-ray for that matter).

Those four sets were released as volumes and not season sets. Bruce Timm said that having all 65 episodes of season 1 in one DVD set would have been too cost prohibitive/expensive for consumers, so it was decided to divide the show into multiple volume-based box sets that Warner Home Video could then sell at much more affordable prices. This also allowed WBHV to have more box set-themed home video releases of the show to sell, and therefore derive profits from.

Batman: The Animated Series season 1 has 65 episodes, while season 2 has 20 episodes.

The New Batman Adventures has one season that features 24 episodes.

Between the two shows, there are 109 episodes, all of which are present in glorious, high quality, re-mastered in HD resolution on DC Universe.

There are some movies that tied into these shows that aren’t on DCU right now, but every episode of both Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures is on the service.


Hi. Thanks for replying and responding. Thank-you for the details and for explaining it! It’s appreciated!


Happy to help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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