Batman TAS, Helped, Save My Life

I just started watching TAS again, so when I went to look for posts about the show, I found one asking about what was better, Batman TAS or The Batman. So after responding, I was reminded of just how important Batman TAS was to me. So I wanted to post this as a thank you to DC.

I will always hold Batman TAS close to my heart, for it was what I would watch during the times of a rough parental divorce. I remember sitting in the living room watching it while my parents were arguing about how they were selling the house. Or when I would be laying on the floor of a temporary home, watching the show on a small dvd player. If it wasn’t for this show, I doubt I would have been as ignorant as I was, or as happy.

On top of all of this, comics have now been a place for me to go to find wonder and excitement, bliss, empathy, and relief, for when I am in a dark place(lately it has felt like that rather often). All because Batman TAS helped me discover my love for comics. Otherwise, I don’t know what I’d do, as nothing else really makes me feel as happy and relaxed as comics, or comic related media do today.

So Thank You, to DC and all who had a part in making Batman TAS


That is why I value artists. I remember when I was 13 and rewatched my old favorite movies and realized how many of my values I got from them.