Batman on Sesame Street

I was shocked to see Batman on Elmo’s late show. It was a delight to see our caped crusader interact with the muppets. My five year old brother Loved it more.

Did you know Batman and Robin have been on Sesame Street before this? What were your thoughts on this crossover? Will the muppets be in a tie in comic?

So many wonderful questions


That’s a pretty good costume, too!


As a muppet fan ( and of course a Dc fan) it’s pretty cool! ( and I agree with @superby1, that bat suit is great!)

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I could be wrong but that suit looks a lot like the suit used at some of Warner Bros. theme parks.

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Batman has met Elmo?!

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I just really want batman to visit sesame st and then the letters of the day be N and A and then it just goes on to NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA BATMAN!!!

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This seems really fun. Didn’t know Batman and Robin were in Sesame Street before

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