Batman Ninja....just why?

I was excited for this when it was first announced. Batman in feudal Japan, who wouldn’t be?

The choice of graphics was questionable, but I figured the story would make up for it. The story was good, but not enough to make up for the ending

The beginning was good, Batman loses all his tech and has to learn to fight without it…then he makes a power rangers megazord out of monkeys.

Who greenlit this? Who thought it was a good idea to make Batman a joke in what could’ve been one of the better Batman movies ever? Next they’ll have him battling godzilla


Have you ever seen anime. They do crazy stuff like that all the time. Many people liked this crazy else world version. That’s why they greenlit and made this. Ffs they did a scooby doo crossover.

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DC basically gave this license to a Japanese studio and said “do whatever you want”. That’s what they did.

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I couldn’t hang with it. I felt the dialogue was terrible compared to all the other animated movies.

They did it because they wanted to.

If they only did things that you liked there would be a lot of people out there who didn’t like things.