Batman Hush Movie thoughts?


Really loved the movie, amazing stuff

However… The Hush reveal was weird. What do you guys think about The Riddler being the main villain of the story instead of Tommy Elliot/Hush??

I enjoyed the film. I was fine with most of the character changes and story changes. However, I didn’t love the way Hush was handled. It also felt odd being forced into the current continuity of the DCAU. I wish it was more standalone like The Dark Knight Returns. At least they explained the dumbing down of Bane.


I think changing hush makes sense, since the story is already extremely well known the plot would just feel stale in my opinion, plus the change is a good way to nab the attention of those who have read the comic

I think everything was good, apart from changing his identity, especially with it being another well know member of Batman’s rouges gallery.

I personally love when they change certain things up, so i was very shocked over the Hush reveal, when Thomas Eliot died i was sure he faked his death somehow and i was waiting for him to come back, Riddler being Hush was very shocking

Otherwise i loved it, the conversations between Nightwing and Catwoman were some of my favorite moments, really fun. The one scene Damian appeared in LOL. Perfect guest appearance :stuck_out_tongue:

No Huntress, no hint of a resurrected Jason Todd, Thomas Elliott wasn’t Hush, literally unwatchable.


As one who didn’t read the comic book story ill have to say the movie felt anticlimactic. Maybe it’s just me, but they forced the misdirection with Thomas Elliot. I think that’s the reason why the revealing of the Riddler didn’t have me in awe.

As someone who didn’t enjoy the reveal of Tommy Elliot in the comics, I enjoyed this reveal better. It’s something I didn’t see coming and it fit this adaptation. I’ve noticed with these animated movies where they adapt stories into their Batman/Superman/Justice League continuity, it’s not a beat for beat remake of the comic stories. They pull elements from the story and fit them into this continuity, so there’s gonna be changes. I had a feeling they were going to change something with this movie but I wasn’t sure what it is. In a way, it added to the experience because it was seeing something familiar through a new lens.

I know die hards of the comic are probably going to be upset, but I think this was the right direction to go.

I was ok with the change in identity. I just feel like the story wasn’t fleshed out and developed enough. It’s my only gripe with DC animated films. I love them, but its like they reach a certain point in the story arc development and say “Ok, whether you get it or you don’t we are ending right here.”. Can be somewhat frustrating.

Absolutely hated it. Not everything needs a new twist on it, sometimes the source material is more than good enough to stand on its own. The animation and dialogue were flat as well. As a gigantic Hush fan, I could not have been more disappointed. They took Thomas Elliot and turned him into a background character with absolutely nothing to do with the story.