Batman: Hush Has A Release Date!

July 20th for the digital release and August 13th for the physical version.

The Blu-ray/4K Blu-ray will have the DC Showcase Sgt. Rock short. I would hope the digital release will feature it and that that can be ported over to DCU when the movie debuts here in August.

I’m thrilled the movie has a release date! Gives us enough time to do a re-read of Hush or for those new to the story, plenty of time to read it before the movie comes out.


I can’t wait to read posts lambasting DCU for having not having it until the Blu-Ray release date.

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I can.


The agony of a two week wait. That’s the kind of trauma that could retroactively ruin a childhood.

I hope it’s on here as well.

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Is the hush comic on here I can’t find it?

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@Saint_Jon It is. Hush ran in Batman (1940-2011) from issues 608-619.

There are also subsequent Hush stories in Batman: Gotham Knights, Detective Comics, Batman Beyond, Batman Eternal and other titles.



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I cannot freakin wait for this!!

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When is it available for streaming?

The last two were available on the day they went on sale as Blu-Ray/DVD

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It’s gonna be a blast. I can’t wait to see what is in store for that bad boy.

Looking forward to this! The trailer got me excited.

I’m so excited for Hush! I was originally confused by that inaccurate release date that said it was supposed to come out like last month. So glad to know now the actual date to look forward to!

I hate when something is announced but isn’t expected to release until like many months later… -___-

The waiting is killing me!!!