Batman: Gates Of Gotham

I just finish reading Batman: Gates Of Gotham, it’s such a great 5 part book series to read, I like how it’s a mystery story that somehow a past is connected to the present. :slightly_smiling_face:


This one is a great read!

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I love a good Batman Family story.


I bought this when it came out and I remember precisely nothing about it and I no longer own it. I’ll have to reread it here. The guy that wrote it went on to New 52 Nightwing.

Thanks for bringing this up.


God, I loved this story! This was my second Scott Snyder book, right after I read Endgame. I thought the Architect was such a good villain! I wish they would bring him back and use him more! I know he was in Eternal, but that wasn’t enough for me


Great story. Always love how Snyder incorporates Gotham history and architecture into his writing.

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