Batman Forever

What if most of the cast of Batman Forever came back for Batman and Robin. Would it have been a better movie then what we got?

Robin, Alfred, and Gordon did come back. So really we’re talking about Val Kilmer here. Unless you mean the villains and love interest. Which in that case, no. So really we’re just talking about Val Kilmer. Which again, no.

I thought Clooney made a good Batman. It’s Schumacher that shouldn’t have come back. Script and direction were a crime against good taste. That movie makes Green Lantern look like Hamlet.

How different would the series have been in general if they didn’t recast everyone and change direction after Batman Returns? They had already started setting up Harvey Dent (with Billy Dee Williams playing as him). I actually don’t mind Batman Forever so much. It’s not a terrible movie, but the follow up to Batman Returns could have been so much better.