Batman Forever?

Yes, there’s a lot of other news in this article (most of it exciting), but–and I say this as someone who loves the character–do we really need that much more Batman?

Just saying…there are other characters…

The Future of DC Films: Two Batman Stories, Six Movies Per Year Split Between Theaters and HBO Max (


I think the key is understanding that WB has zero follow through when it comes to the DCEU so there’s still only the one Batman project. I give Flashpoint a 10% chance of being realized. I’m not sure how much of it is actually true in the first place (signed contracts vs reporting) but production will drag for so long that Affleck and Keaton will drop out. There are several Marvel movies that I think are truly awful but when they say they’re making a movie at least they make it happen.


Exactly. I’m not believing any news of DC movie announcements until actual productions begin. Last time there was this huge insight into future films I think Justice League was suppose to be a two-parter, Ben Affleck was having a solo movie, Cyborg was having a solo movie and The Flash was suppose to be out already and I think Green Lantern too? (don’t remember exactly). Delays and etc could make this 4 movie per year thing mute. So many of their plans have either gotten delayed, put in production hell or scrapped.

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And that’s all probably true and I would definitely agree…except it’s Batman. More often than not, they follow through on Batman. He’s their go-to, “In Case of Emergency Break Glass,” backup plan.

“Green Lantern bombed? Get Nolan to make a new Batman movie!”
“Man of Steel was divisive? Put Batman in the next one!”
“Justice League had a troubled production that led to a disappointing release? Make a whole new Batman!”
“There’s a global pandemic, our upcoming slate is all over the place, and we don’t actually know what our continuity even is any more? Two Batmen!”

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By the time the Flash movie comes out Ezra Miller’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandchildren will have died peacefully of old age.


That’s actually pretty appropriate given how often Barry fudges around with time.