Batman Day - Recommendations?

I’m looking for stories I can read or buy for this upcoming Batman Day. Any recommendations for stories focused on…


Tim Drake?


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If you haven’t already read it, A Lonely Place of Dying is great for Tim since it’s his origin story as Robin. It’s typically collected w/ the Death in the Family trade, or you can check it out here

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The new 52 court of owls run is good. night of the monster men is a fun batman crossover. I mainly recommend rebirth detective comics, because it focuses on multiple members of the bat-family.

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Hmm. An easier thing to ask is…what have your already read?


This place just so happens to have a vast majority of what you need to know regarding Batman with the exception of the Killing Joke. Here is a list of stories that are must reads.

The Batman Timeline

Batman: Year One

Legends of the Dark Knight #1-23

The Man Who Laughs

The Long Halloween

Dark Victory

Robin Year One

Batgirl Year One

Detective Comics #500

Strange Apperations

Second Chances

The Cult

The Killing Joke - Not on here sadly

Death of the Family

Batman #430-432

Birth of Oracle

A Lonely Place of Dying

Robin’s Parents #618-621

Batman #443-458

Robin Reborn

Robin 2

Robin 3

Spoiler introduced #647-649




Nightwing Mini Series



Birds of Prey

If you wish to catch up to modern day

Batman The Black Mirror

Batman New 52

Batman: Detective Comics The Rise and Fall of the Batmen

Batman Rebirth

Note that Batman Rebirth books are still being posted each month on here, So you may have to wait until the run is complete if you want to read the whole thing in one go on here


Here are the two stories that lead into his official tenure as Robin:

  1. Rite of Passage – Detective #618, 619, 620, 621

  2. Identity Crisis – Batman #455, 456, 457

And then I’d recommend the second Robin miniseries:

Paul Dini had a good run in Detective Comics with mostlyone or two issue stories. It starts in 821, There’s a good time drake and Joker issue invite as well I think in 828.