batman damned

Batman damned looks so bad ass can’t wait to read it


I just picked up my copies today can’t wait

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I’m looking forward to seeing what the Next issue is about :heart_eyes:


Lmao Batman: Damned seems… Fun😂

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The whole black label line up has got me excited :metal:t2::metal:t2:

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I have spent all day hearing the controversy over Bat-Penis lol. My question is: Is it actually good?

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@pahphoenix of course his Bat “Thing” is good it’s connected to Batman so it has to be :joy:

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It was a good, not great issue.

Didn’t live up to a “Black label” book IMO. Other than the nudity there was nothing that made it different than numerous other Batman books.

I really enjoyed it, especially the art. It had a different take on his parents, too, and I’m interested in where they’re taking that.