Batman: Damned who else has read it already?

So I just got my copy of Batman : Damned. This comic has amazing artwork and it’s part of the new style of black label comics which is definitely a rated R no kid friendly comic. But the story is very cool and different. A little hard to read so you really have to take you time and pace yourself, but for me An amazing pick up. Oh and there’s a very…VERY revealing part of the dark knight. But check it out it’s worth the 7 bucks. And let me know what you guys and gals thought about it?


I picked up a couple copies today. I plan on reading it this evening.

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I cannot wait to check it out.

I thought this was amazing. Fantastic artwork, and I loved the oversized format and the presentation. Do we know if future Black Label books will be oversized? I thought it was great. The book felt really cinematic.

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I enjoyed it. Didn’t really feel “Black label” to me though.

Yes all books will be oversized and cinematic view.

Honestly a really great story. Recommend for everyone to pick up a physical copy if you can.

Great story, amazing art!

I like the idea of it. Some of the pages really freaked me out, but that’s the point I guess. I’m interested to see where it goes. The narration is a neat twist.

BrettWayne, from what I understand only Damned will be oversized. The rest of the imprint will be standard.