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I’ve been reading some Batman comics from the late 90s and early 2000’s and it struck me that since rebirth there have only been a total of 5 Batman centered comics series that have been in the main continuity and 2 of those were more limited series. Currently there are Batman, Detective Comics, and Batman and the Outsiders. It seems like that before there were always 4 or 5 series running at the same time about batman. Like during no mans land there was Batman, Detective Comics, Shadow of the Bat, and Legends of the Dark knight. Even in the new 52 there were quite a lot of series. Batman and Robin, Batman Eternal, Batman Inc, I believe there was a legends of the dark knight book. Don’t get me wrong I like having less because it makes it easier to keep track of everything. I’m just wondering why is there now only the 2 main Batman comics now and a team book for Batman?

The books started coming out twice a month, which eliminated the need for additional books.


Also currently running now are “Batman/Superman”, “Batman vs. Ra’s Al Ghul” (on hiatus or delay), and “The Batman’s Grave”. And “Batman: Curse of the White Knight” just recently finished up. DC’s entire publishing slate has been reduced since the '90s and the New 52, so it would stand to reason that Batman titles would necessarily be reduced as well. But even with that said, there are still more Batman books running now than there are for any other character (even more if you want to factor in other Batman Family character titles).

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As they should be. I still remember how overflooded the 90s market was with titles, and the stories suffered for it: “Oh, we have five Spider-Man books? Well, we’d better make this Maximum Carnage story go on for 14 issues!”

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I think it’s generally because it’s less confusing that way and more organized, but their were more books back then because most of the writers who told good stories were Ex-Batman writers or well like writers like Alan Grant, Chuck Dixon, and Dennis O’Neil.