Batman: City of Bane is about Batman vacationing?

The latest Batman books with Tom King have really been bothering me lately ever since issue 50. It’s been choppy, small segments of unsatisfying moments, and completely going everywhere. I don’t feel like he even understands Batman.

To top it all off, issues 78 and 79 take a left turn and have Burtman Reynolds and Catwoman vacationing talking to each other in vapid Calvin Klein commercial conversations, taking their time while the most interesting thing of villains taking over the entire city ISN’T EVEN COVERED WELL. On top of that Alfred dying?? Please, get this Joker (King) off the series as fast as you possibly can.

Sincerely, a frustrated Batman fan.


I just recently got into comics over the last year and read most of batman excluding most golden/silver age stuff and fell in love with the character. Recently catching up with Tom King’s run has put me in shock how bad/boring it has been. It honestly reads like fan fiction and in ways gives me similar feelings when reading Kevin Smith’s two runs (Not good). I’m in awe he has been allowed to write for the last 2-3 years.

It also has me feeling a lot of the current writers don’t really understand batman which is disheartening. Here’s hoping the next writer can give us a better run, whoever it is.


I’m glad they are getting to the meat of it the story, but this is another one of those times where you have to kinda forget that Batman has Superman on speed-dial.


SO FRUSTRATED WITH KINGS RUN EVER SINCE 50! since the" wedding" batman has just been getting his ass kicked for the last year and a half. He has never explained why flashpoint batman is still alive. killed off Alfred and Bane just to try and sell more comics. Cant wait for james tynion to start