Warner Bros. Developing animated Batman Beyond movie for theatrical release. A post from r/DCEULeaks saying Warner Animation Group is working on an animated Batman Beyond movie.
For those who grew up watching Batman Beyond animated series will see the character come back alive.
Question is what you think it going to be about. Perhaps new origin story, or the future timeline in trouble. What do you think? And which villains you wish to see again?


I would love to this be an origin story. I hope they take it in a unique art direction. I’d love to see something similar to Into the Spider-Verse or even the Incredibles 2’s realistic cartoon look. DC has some great characters and I would love to see a full blown cinematic animation division take on even more characters!

If true, it’d probably be better for it to be a reboot. Having a big theatrical release be intrinsically connected to a twenty year old (or more, depending on when the movie arrives) TV show might be a turnoff for potential ticket buyers.

It shouldn’t be a turnoff though. It’d be an ample opportunity for WB Home Entertainment to remaster the series in HD and promote the stuffing out of it on DCU (and to promote DCU too =) ).

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As for villains, I’d love to see Inque. She really needs a healthy, solid dose of reasonable overexposure. She’s one of my favorite BB characters.


I hope this is true ma boi Terry needs to be in the spotlight

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If this does materialize, the absolute minimum requirement a BB movie must have is music similar to the show. BB’s music is almost a character in its own right.

The day we can pack a theater and hear that glorious opening in Dolby Atmos audio will be a day long remembered. It will see smiles on fan’s faces and it will soon shake the foundation of the theater.


I’m so happy they’re doing this! I hope they end up doing more!