Batman Beyond Reading Recommendations

Any Batman beyond reading recommendations?

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Anything done by Dan Jurgens is amazing, his rebirth run is a lot of fun.

TV/movie based:
-Batman Beyond (six issue mini-series, available here in the Comics section)
-Batman Beyond (ongoing series based on and inspired by the TV show; also available in the Comics section)
-Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (adaptation of the DTV movie)

Series based in the DCU:
-Batman Beyond 2010 mini-series
-Batman Beyond 2011 ongoing
-Batman Beyond 2012-2013 digital first series (in print single issues, this series is called Batman Beyond Unlimited)
-Batman Beyond 2.0 digital first series that ran from 2013-2014 (called Batman Beyond Universe in print single issues)
-Batman Beyond 2015-2016 ongoing
-Batman Beyond 2016-present ongoing (this is the Rebirth series)

BB was also a fixture in the Future’s End weekly series that ran for 49 issues (the Free Comic Book Day 2014 #0 issue and 48 regular issues). #'s 1-12 are available in the Comics section here and all three trades are on sale right now in the DC and Comixology apps.

Hope this helps.

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Anything Batman beyond just read it, I’m not saying that angrily I’m saying you will like it if u already like beyond. I just got into it about 2yrs ago myself which is late for me. Ill usually dip my toes into anything Dc but I was afraid it would be a poor mans Batman. It definitely wasn’t, a lot of my favorite villains and characters are from that series.

I’m kinda sorta thinking of reading Batman Beyond with Booth coming on for pencils. I like his kinetic art.

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