batman beyond live action movie

Michael Keaton will take the mantle of batman once more in this futuristic tale directed by tim burton. With the joker getting a stand-alone movie, does anyone else think this stand-alone film needs to be the next film? It would freshen the franchise while still bringing nostalgia that the public craves from 89 batman and the 90s cartoon. Let’s go WB!!!


I’ve been wanting a live action Batman Beyond film since the animated show first came out. Michael Keaton returning would be a sweet bonus

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I think that Val Kilmer would make a better older Bruce, I think he did a better job in the first place. Keaton never had the look. Regardless I think a good Batman Beyond film is not a good idea. It would cost too much to make it good quality, and anything less would crash and burn

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I would still prefer Keaton but I always say how underrated Val Kilmer was as Batman and especially Bruce Wayne.

A live action film perhaps would be too risky as much as I have wanted one for years. Perhaps an original film for this app or just an animated film and having Keaton or Kilmer doing voice work

What about Cole Sprouse (Jughead) as Terry McGuinness to Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne?