Batman Beyond Fans Unite!

This will be my first topic, but ever since I joined i knew my first thread would be about Terry. I actually got this service because i saw how many different Batman Beyond options there were, and that i could read a lot of the older stuff on the cheap. Some of the out of print trades have been hard to find.

I’ve had a few things on my mind that i’d love to see discussed here on the community forum.

  1. I think a live-action Batman Beyond movie would be pretty refreshing. I’d love to hear what other people think. I’ve had friends say they think Keanu Reeves should play Terry, but i dont know about that. No matter what i think if a talented director picked up a Batman Beyond project and kept it serious but youthful, it could be a smash hit.

  2. Wondering what everyone’s favorite Beyond storyline is, either from the show or the books. I think i’ve read everything but the very newest Rebirth now, and i have to say that 10,000 Clowns is one of my all time favorite stories.

Figured i’d start kind of a general Batman Beyond thread as there didn’t seem to be very many current ones. Hope i’m doing it right! :slight_smile:

Attached Image: This was technically my first Batman Beyond comic (although it’s actually a TPB)
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Heya @KaigetaTheGreat, awesome first post! I actually have to admit I am not as well-versed in Batman Beyond as I’d like to be. What are some good “starter” issues or episodes? The one I’m most aware of is when Terry has to care for the egg-baby :laughing:

From what I do know about the tone of the show, it’s definitely a gap that’s missing in live action Batman- sort of a “young adult” age group target. For casting, what do you think about Timothée Chalamet? He’s very popular right now, and seems to have the right look/vibe.


Hello @KaigetaTheGreat, I really like your post about Batman Beyond, in couple of weeks In DC Animated Club, I’ll be talking about Hilary J. Bader’s work on both the show and comic book of Batman Beyond. :slightly_smiling_face:
I remember watching the show for the first time, I really love it. I then started wondering what ever happened to some of the characters from Batman’s past. It would be awesome to see the show in live action.


Thanks for the reply @Reaganfan78! I poked around the Community board to see what the club you were talking about was, and I’ve only found a few sections under Community Event. Where would I locate the clubs/utilize them? I’d like to follow the discussion you’re planning. Sorry, i’m somewhat new to the community board.

Always great to talk to another Batman Beyond fan. Before DC Universe i’d just watch the special edition DVD with commentary, it will be neat to learn about others who worked on the project.

I always thought it was kinda of cool how the showrunners didn’t immediately jump at the chance to do a “Beyond” version of every Batman villain. It definitely left some mystique as to the fate of a lot of the original villains. Return of the Joker was an interesting example of how they played with those ideas. The fact that they left so many Batman villains on the table is great news for future Batman Beyond writers (and our imagination).

I’m also curious what people thought of the Justice League Unlimited episodes centering around Batman Beyond. I wasn’t a huge fan of the moves they made in that episode, but i’d be interested to know what others thought,

Hey @Applejack! Thanks! Honestly go right ahead and start with episode 1 of the show and work your way through! From there, i found it best to read the comics chronologically by release. I know that may sound kind of boring, but Beyond has been handled by so many writers and artists over the years (in comics) that it’s really fun to read through and see who stays pretty close to the source material and who steps outside the box. I’m going to warn you that futures end and the books around that time don’t heavily feature Terry, but that’s all i’ll say :slight_smile:

As for your casting pick, im not too familiar with that actor but now im going to finally have to watch Interstellar aren’t I? The actor will need to be youthful, witty (got quips?), but still have an edge. My vote is to wait until Finn Wolfhard is a little older, then cast him!

P.S. That egg-baby episode is hilarious. Sorry i had to edit this post up some because i missed a reply!

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That’s ok, here’s a link to my club.:slightly_smiling_face: DC Animated Club

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Wondering if this thread has any renewed interest with all thats been going on with Batman Beyond recently (including talks of a live action movie?)

Always down to talk Batman Beyond! Attended some of Reaganfans watchalongs, highly recommend!

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Few quick thoughts-

Loved that they did a callback to a Superman the Animated Series episode and that they used Starro for an episode.

I loved that Blight was the main antagonist instead of the Joker.

Loved Bane’s episode, and that they show the ramifications of him abusing Venom use throughout his life

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