Batman Arkham Universe

So A rumor suggests that Rocksteady is not working on a Justice League Game, But is working on a Continuation of the Batman Arkham Verse where you will be able to play as the entire “Bat-Family”, with the Main villain or Villains being “The Court Of Owls”. What are you or thought let me hear 'em.

There has been different rumors about Rocksteady’s next game and it’s been going back and forth for a year now. The two biggest consistent rumor is that it’ll be a JL or Superman game.

I’ll just wait for the official announcement, which will probably be next year’s E3

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I kinda hope it is another Batman game only because I loved the Arkham series so much.

I just feel that Superman would be way too OP for it to be an open world game.

I would LOVE to have a full Red Hood game to be quite honest. That two minute DLC for Arkham Knight was not enough!

Arkham Knight’s ending pissed me off so much and ruined a lot. That franchise is over for me unless it’s an Arlham Origins sequel and Arkham Asylum prequel.

Plus I really really don’t want that one rumored game of playing as an adult Damian as Batman set years after Arkham Knight.

I rather just have a new Batman game with an all new story and universe

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