Batman: Arkham Series

I’m about to start this and I hear this is considered the best video game franchise ever, do you concur?


You’ll get plenty of different answers for what the best video game franchise is depending on who you ask, but it’s gotta be considered the best superhero/comic book video game franchise ever. It’s certainly my favorite of all time, if you couldn’t already tell from my username and avatar haha


Yeah the Arkham games are a great line. The only game I like more than them is Skyrim.

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I wouldn’t say the best ever. In my opinion yes it is but that me. Definitely a crowning achievement though for superhero/comic based game showing they can be great and original just as any other Great video game.
Have fun. Enjoy the games.:+1:

I think the narrative overall is pretty great, but the gameplay is hit or miss for me. Video games are probably the most subjective art-form given the amount of interaction between the medium and the consumer that other things (ie. comics or movies) don’t have. I honestly prefer the TellTale games personally, but that’s just because that’s the kind of gameplay I enjoy. Not because I think it’s objectively better than the Arkham games.

Anyways, that’s a long way of saying that if you enjoy the beat-em up style of gameplay in Spider-Man PS4 mixed in with a bit of puzzle solving, you’ll probably really like it. It’s all about personal preferences in stuff like this. But the narrative is phenomenal.

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The detective aspect of the series is the weakest part, in my opinion. All other aspects of Batman are quite prominent.