Batman arcs

Looking for suggestions and recommendations on good Batman story arcs. I’ve read most of the more popular runs so any obscure or hidden gems would be great!

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Batman: The Dark Knight (2010-2011) is a fun read. It ran for five issues and was written by David Finch. Three of the five issues feature art by Finch while issues 4 and 5 feature art by Jason Fabok.

If you’re in the mood for a supernaturally themed Batman adventure it should do the trick.

If you want more David Finch illustrated Batman goodness, give the Batman: The Return one-shot (written by Grant Morrison) a read.


Zero Year

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It’s not an arc but Batman # 347 is an old favorite of mine, and it was added last week. Single issue story with two guys sitting around telling Batman stories.

Blind Justice from Detective # 598-600 is IMO a forgotten classic as well. Waynetech infiltrated by a mysterious cabal.

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If you want something a little old school, try Detective Comics #471-476 by Steve Englehart. It’s a cool mystery involving Hugo Strange that blows up into one of the best Joker stories ever. Unfortunately, I believe our current selection actually leaves the full story slightly incomplete (it builds off of the previous two issues and there are still a couple unresolved plot points at the end), but it’s still basically readable.