Batman and the Outsiders

Is anybody else reading this? I don’t see many people talking about it, but I think it’s great so far.


The plot’s a little generic, but the action scenes are choreographed, the art is Soy’s best, and the characters are fully realized. Hill really studied the voices for the core team. I adore his takes on Bruce and Jeff, and his Cass is pitch perfect.

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I like it’s so far I’ll I usually try to give each book 6 issues to hook me and if it doesn’t with in those six I drop it at my shop

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@HubCityQuestion Yeah, the plot itself isn’t to stellar, but I think the characters and the interactions between them are written well, and it feels like every character has a roll to play on the team. And while there hasn’t been much development yet, it seems like every character is set up to have a solid emotional arc. Those are the kinds of things that sell me on team books.

I’m enjoying Batman and The Outsiders quite a bit. It’s one of my favorite Batman ongoings right now.

@yutzy That’s how I read comics to. I give it some time before I choose to drop it so they have a chance.

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Reading so far. The original is still one of my favorites and reread it here. The follow-on Outsiders is on my list. I do think, more like the original, it needs to have a reason for being. What will the Outsiders do that the JL,or Titans or whoever do.

I haven’t been reading it because I’m not a fan of the artist, but I like Bryan Edward Hill’s other comics, so I might read it from my library or get it on comiXology on sale or something.

Batwing52, or wait one year and read it right here

I’ve been reading and enjoying it a lot. Soy is one of my favorite artists and I like Hill’s other work. So far the character work has been great and that’s the draw for me right now.

I just couldnt get into it unfortunately

Loving it so far.

I am loving it. I loved his Detective run, I was gutted when they kept pushing back the solo series after the setup in Detective had ended. Do you think this will be a mini series, or they will keep it going? Also, do
you think they will switch the team up, too?